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Our Story

Our Story

“It all began in the kitchen at Mom and Dad’s house, with four sisters cooking up their own creative dishes of mac & cheese.”


Any time you have four girls together in one kitchen, you are bound to stumble upon an idea. Cooking together, we began discussing what we would do if we had opened up our own business, solely consisting of macaroni & cheese. Ideas started being thrown around, and what started out as a joke, quickly became a very tangible and realistic concept to me. The four of us had left the kitchen that night with little hope that this would actually happen, as each of my sisters had their own lives, families and jobs they had to take care of.

Being the youngest and still figuring out my career path, I had left that night continuously thinking about whether I could actually open up my own macaroni and cheese restaurant. I knew I had experience with the business aspect of it graduating with a degree in finance and the restaurant business was also familiar to me from working in my parents’ own food establishments. Now it just came down to making it happen and combining my “mac” for business with my dreams of cheese. That weekend I told my sisters that I was seriously considering opening up this new business, and all of them supported me and had faith in me to undertake this new endeavor. I definitely cannot take all the credit for this because this idea like so many others was one more great idea cooked up in my parents’ kitchen.